The Mechanix 3601012 Pocket Series Helicopters is one of those toy helicopters that appeal young boys and girls. The toy is a great way for kids to learn to build helicopters. All the pieces for assembling are provided in the package and is made out superior quality steel and plastic. Adding to this, there are tools included for the little mechanic to get a feel for them at a young age. The user-friendly tools are sized in such a way that young kids can easily use it for assembling the toy helicopter.
Akin to the various war movies that they see in the cartoons, the toy is a great way to enhance a number of skills in the child. Besides the fine motor skills, they imbibe reasoning and logical thinking skills as it is needed in deciding which piece is to be fixed and where to build that helicopter. Moreover, the movement of hand is enabled and with creativity they design models of their own besides the three designs shown in the manual provided in the package.
What is in the package?
The package consists of 3 models of helicopter toys for kids that can be built with 93 pieces of helicopter parts provided in the box. Highly durable and of very high quality, these pieces when assembled create a great helicopter a child can be proud of.
A user manual explains the assembling with a step-by-step account and helps the child in building these toy helicopters. Having understood the various approaches that children usually have, the toy caters to all children and is made adaptable to their level of skills. That is the reason Mechanix games for kids has been awarded by the All India Toy Manufacturers Association in two categories namely the ‘The Best Educational Toy’ and the ‘The Best Toy’