The Labors of Hercules III


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Three logical puzzles for brave and unconquerable conquerors

Think of combining 36 variations of the same symbol to shoot the Birds of Prey. Develop the logic behind the mysterious astrological cards to defeat the Cretan bull. Combine colors, geometry, and secret symbols to capture the kenerine legacy!

Hercules’ work is a collection of puzzles that will take you on an exciting adventure – you will solve puzzles – look for patterns and thus overcome the increasingly challenging mythological beasts!

Hercules’ work is four trilogies that tell the story of mythological works. As you discover more parts, you will notice that their level of difficulty is increasing significantly!

The puzzle consists of 36 square tiles. Your task is to arrange them in the right order to create a square with sides 6 to 6. To reach the goal you will go on a mental journey that will open up the secrets of cryptography, mathematics, logic and geomtetri.

Each puzzle offers three tips to help you find the only solution – a secret message loosely linked to the morality of history. If you go off the road and need help, take advantage of the hints and remember – even the great Hercules has helped with some challenges!

The puzzles have been invented and constructed in Hercules’ homeland. The instructions are presented in Polish, German, English, Greek, French and Spanish.