Geomag Tazoo Beto


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Playing with Beto using the eyes, fins and other accessories you build a sweet fish and suddenly, with a few moves it could become a whale or a shark, or possibly a shrimp or a squid.

The Tazoo history begins with a geomagnetic storm caused by the migration of  KOR asteroids in the universe. Some of these KOR asteroids land to a fantasy world creating funny animals which are different in their native environments.The play activity of this line stimulate the kids imagination for  creating a more realistic characters such as a sweet fish or a funny frog, furthermore, it catches the attention of kids in taking care of their pet. The line has been created for a unisex target group.

KOR is a patented system of 26 magnetic building blocks that connect onto a hollow metal sphere to create the toy’s core. By adding covers the toy takes the shape of a rugby ball, which can then be twisted, turned and flipped to generate endless shapes.  Children are able to then transform the KOR into any fantasy character they imagine by adding their chosen accessories that come with each set.

Geomagworld SA is the manufacturer of Geomag toys. All products are designed both to entertain and to stimulate the imagination and curiosity. Geomag toy can also become an amusing pastime for the whole family, reuniting parents and children in an activity of extraordinary creativity. Geomag is produced in line with the strictest criteria of quality and safety typical of Swiss products and is manufactured in compliance with stringent European and American safety standards.